Tegan being adorable as hell whilst talking to the little child (called tegan) and then there’s Sara, who’s just standing and smiling like a beautiful dork that she is



In honor of Tegan and Sara’s 34th birthday, some never before seen photos from their 24th birthday ten years ago (obviously)!  I love Emy and Jenn and Chris with the cakes!  

These photos were taken by my friend Dave Montgomery (a fellow balaclava-wearing creep in the BIYH video) at a So Jealous warm-up show at Mesa Luna in Vancouver on September 19, 2004, before T&S started touring for So Jealous.  Most of the pictures (other than the birthday cake ones) are from the sound check and just hanging around the venue before the show started.  My favorite ones are of baby Ted in the background and of Rob Chursinoff filming Ted in the empty club.  :)